Our services for product industrialization

We offer a wide range of customized and innovative solutions for the needs of our customers, thanks to our many years of experience and the professionalism of our team.

Mold design and construction

The workshop has suitable machinery, and the technical personnel have extensive industry experience. The technical office is able to design molds for its own customers and on behalf of third parties, guaranteeing responsiveness, punctuality, reliability and availability.


Molding of plastic materials

To complete the portfolio of services offered, there is our recently completed department for the injection molding of plastic materials, currently in continuous growth and expansion, currently served by 4 injection presses from 100 to 250 tons.


Precision mechanics

Our precision mechanics service offers high precision components thanks to a modern and efficient fleet of machines and a team of highly qualified technicians. We also offer after-sales assistance to ensure maximum reliability and accuracy.



2D1M collaborates with its customers right from the early stages of product development, evaluating with them the correct industrialization and engineering of the part. To have a concrete feedback of the article in the various stages of development, we offer a rapid prototyping service through the use of 3D printers.
  • Customization of the solutions offered

    To meet the specific needs of customers
  • Modern and efficient machinery

    Use of cutting-edge technologies

  • Experienced and professional team

    To ensure a high quality and reliable service